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Magic Mirror Booth

Magic Mirror Booth
Brand: iLLUMO Photo Booths
Category: Photo Booths
  • Capture Photos: Yes
  • Create Videos: No
  • Create GIFs: Yes
  • Create Bursts: No
  • Create Boomerangs: No
  • Video Effects: No
  • Print Photos: Yes
  • Text/Email Sharing: Yes

The perfect way to keep your guests entertained while creating lifetime impressions. This fully animated mirror not only takes full-length photos and prints them out within 10 seconds, but it also gives your guests an exciting and interactive response with each and every pose.

The Magic Mirror is a great piece of modern, fun, and interactive event entertainment.

How does it work:

Your guests will stand in front of the Magic Mirror booth and prepare to take their pictures as the photo booth speaks to you while displaying animations and images on the screen.

After your guests have posed for their photo, the Magic Mirror will provide your guests with the ability to write a message or sign the photos, and then will send the photo directly to the printer. Your guests will also have the ability to text the photo immediately to their mobile device or email in addition to receiving the printed photo on site


Available Options

Backdrop Yes
Digital Package Yes
Print Package Yes
Boomerangs Yes
Virtual No
Instant Sharing Yes
Instant Prints Yes
Video Effects No
Booth Manager Yes
TV Display No
Sharing Station No
Video No
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Space: 10’Wx10’Lx10’H (Width x Length x Height)

Power: Standard two 3 three-pronged outlets with at least 15 amps

Table: One 6′-8′ table with table cloth

Please Note: Spacing requirements depend on your selection of package.

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