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Photo Booth Rental Agreement

This agreement is between Kreadiv Collective, LLC hereinafter referred to as the "company", operating in the State of Maryland, and the signers of this contract hereinafter referred to as the "Client", collectively referred to as the "Parties" on

Client Information

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Event Date:

Rental Start Time: 
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Venue Name and Address:

Initial Payment, Fees, and Cancellation Charges
An initial deposit payment of 50% of your total booking fee is required to secure your booking. This can be paid automatically through our online portal. The deposit you pay to secure your event is non-refundable and reflects the work we put into events before attending, and the bookings we will miss by booking your date for you.

Full Payment
For customers who are booking 30+ days in advance; your full payment is required 7 days before the event. For customers who book the same day or week of the event, the full payment is due immediately. An invoice will be generated and emailed to you. The client account must be paid in full or elsewhere we will not be held liable for not showing up. We do not accept on-site payments to satisfy client account balances unless prior arrangements have been made with management. 

Venue Requirements
The client will pre-arrange for an appropriate space for and access to the photo booth unit at the event's venue. Accessibility for the photo booth delivery will be available 1 hour before the event. KreAdiv Collective, LLC, will deliver the photo booth to your event venue. If the venue obstructs us from delivering the photo booth, we are not responsible for lost hours of service. Examples of obstructions are; No ramp/elevator access to the photo booth location or the venue does not allow photo booths.

Please check with your venue to make sure photo booths are allowed, and they have access for us to roll the booth to the required location. The photo booth requires 10'Wx20'L space. The photo booth backdrop stand requires a height clearance of 8-10 feet. The client is to provide a 6-foot table for props and a cocktail table for guests to hold their drinks. The electrical requirement of a standard 120V electrical outlet within 25 feet of location is required for each photo booth operation. In any event, if the client does not provide the following and KreAdiv Collective, LLC is not able to set up in time, there will not be a reimbursement for time lost.


If the venue does not offer free parking, a $65 parking fee will be applied to the invoice before the event date. It is the responsibility of the client to notify KreAdiv Collective, LLC, immediately after their booking about parking or the parking fee will be applied to your booking. The $65 parking fee is due when you submit your final balance.


Outdoor Requirements:
If you choose to place the photo booth outdoors, we must be in a spot that is:

  1. Totally dry
  2. Must be on paved or grassy surface (no dirt!)
  3. Protected from extremes of wind, heat and cold, and direct sunlight
  4. It is required that the photo booth is under the event tent; otherwise, KreAdiv Collective, LLC charges an additional rental fee of $100 for providing a 10'x10' canopy tent. 

Equipment & Safety
The client acknowledges that he/she shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the provider's equipment caused by any misuse/damage by the client or its guests. Damage shall not be limited to, but shall include: physical contact resulting in broken equipment, any power failure resulting in surge damage, and/or liquid damage from event guest drinks/food.

If the photo booth (i.e., computer, camera, printer, etc.) and other equipment need to be replaced or repaired due to the damage made by the guests/renter, your rental will be terminated immediately. There will be a charge for the downtime because this will impact future events and we may not be able to provide contracted service to them. The client agrees that restitution must be made within 30 days of damage in the form of replacement equipment or value. A late fee of $100 will be added to the total amount due, every week until reimbursement is paid in full.

*KreAdiv Collective, LLC has the right to charge an obstruction fee of $100 should we be required to overcome additional obstacles for the client events.  Additional obstacles include but are not limited to; flights of staircases, elevator outage, door obstruction, guest obstruction, etc.  


The renter is also responsible for any loss, stolen, or damaged props, and we will charge $50 for any lost, stolen, or damaged props. Your credit card information will be needed to charge on the same night of the event for the loss/stolen props. Props are strictly for photo booth sessions only, and there is no smoking, food, or drinks allowed during the photo booth session for you and your guests' safety.

Booking, Cancellations, and Other Fees

We will not charge a rescheduling fee for changes related to the COVID health crisis. Any deposits and payments will be credited toward the agreed-upon rescheduled date.

The client acknowledges that KreAdiv Collective, LLC requires a 50% non-refundable retainer fee for each booth rental to secure the date through a credit card. The remaining balance must be paid 7 DAYS BEFORE the event date. There will be a late fee of $75 added to the total amount due every week until payment has been paid in full. Bookings made less than 14 of the event must be paid in full on the same day of booking. Any request for a date change must be made in writing/email in advance of the original event date as soon as possible. Change is subject to KreAdiv Collective, LLC's availability, and receipt of a new photo booth service contract. If the client cancels over (+61) days till the event, the client will receive a refund of 100% of the remaining balance paid. If the client cancels within sixty (-60) days of the event date, the client will receive a refund of 50% of the remaining balance paid. If the client cancels within thirty (-30) days of the event date, the full amount paid will be forfeited to KreAdiv Collective, LLC. If the client wants to reschedule an event 60 days or less from the date of the event, there will be a $250 rescheduling fee added. The client can make payments on the invoice at any time beforehand by accessing the client portal.

Events Beyond our Control
KreAdiv Collective, LLC cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to, severe weather conditions, traffic delays, a breakdown of our vehicles, sickness, equipment failure, or any other proven causes beyond their control. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control, we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to refunding all of the monies paid. There will be no refunds of contract rental fees associated with any act of God. KreAdiv Collective, LLC, will reschedule any events prevented by any major event or force of nature depending upon availability. There will be no refunds on custom step/repeat backdrop(s) or custom add-ons if the event cancels.

Custom Layouts
KreAdiv Collective, LLC, is not responsible for typos on the layout design once approved. Design changes to template/user interface are limited to 4. Any changes afterward will be a fee of $75 per revision.

Internet Connection
Packages that include instant share videos and photos from your event depend solely on the availability of the internet signal at your event location. We cannot guarantee that internet access will always work correctly. If there is no internet or a disruption in the signal at your event location, we will upload and email all photos and videos to our server. We will email the link to your email account as soon as possible.


Equipment Malfunction
We use and maintain equipment of the highest quality. However, in the unlikely event, that time is lost due to equipment malfunction, We will refund the portion of the total amount corresponding to the time lost. This is the extent of our liability.

The client agrees to and understands the following: a) Client will indemnify the provider against all liability related to the Client's Event during or after the client's event unless arising from a malfunctioning photo booth or the negligence or willful misconduct of the provider. b) The client will indemnify the provider against all liability associated with the use of pictures taken within KreAdiv Collective, LLC, its representatives, employees, or affiliates at the client's event, provided that any use by the provider is in accordance with the initiated terms of this agreement. c) If any provision of these terms shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable under Contract Law, then that provision shall be deemed separate and shall not affect the validity and enforceability.

Idle Hours and Fuel Surcharge
Idle hours can be arranged with the client at an additional cost. An example of Idle hours is when the booth is booked for 4 hours, where the booth is operational from 5 pm-6 pm and from 7 pm-10 pm. Between 6 pm and 7 pm, the booth will be IDLE (at the client’s request). This is usually for meals or speeches. This must be arranged no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.

KreAdiv Collective, LLC provides up to 30 miles of travel mileage. A separate fuel surcharge will be billed for any trips that extend further than our travel limit at the rate of $1.25 per mile.

Set up of Services
We will arrive to set up 1 hour before your service time If you require the booth to be set up earlier, an idle time charge applies. It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue has agreed for us to be in attendance at their venue and at the agreed time. This also includes ensuring that there is access to enter the venue and enough space with a power socket within 2 meters of where the services are to be. If there is insufficient space for us to set up, you will still be charged the full hire amount.

It is your responsibility to inform us of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer. These may include but are not exhaustive to; going upstairs, a long distance from the unloading area to the set-up area, restricted access. If we are not aware of these and the set-up takes longer than usual, your hire period may be intruded into.

Hire Period
The hire period will be for a set period, as specified above, and as agreed by both parties before. Also, this will cover the 60 - 90-minute setup time and 30 - 60-minute pack downtime. The use will commence at the agreed time and finish at the agreed time mentioned above unless due to technical difficulties on our behalf when we provide the service for the set period once rectified. Request for an extended time will be billed on-site depending on management approval.

If your event simply starts late or runs late, our period of hire will still be for the agreed period and times unless we agree to provide additional hours as per our approval.

No Liability is accepted for:
Loss of or damage to property belonging to or traveling with the members of any group. For example, watches, jewelry, cameras, or clothing. Personal injury or death of any participants however caused unless by the proven negligence of KreAdiv Collective, LLC

Termination of Hire
KreAdiv Collective, LLC, will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our employees. If this occurs, KreAdiv Collective, LLC retains the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable for hire time that has been cut short. We are providing a service to you; our staff should be treated with the respect they deserve.

KreAdiv Collective, LLC, also retains the right to terminate a hire if they feel that any equipment or property belonging to KreAdiv Collective, LLC is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behavior from you or your guests. We also reserve the right to refuse guests to participate in the activities if we feel they are too unruly. In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire, we will attempt to speak with you or the hosting venue first, if possible, to try to resolve the matter before termination.

You will be fully responsible for any damages caused by you or any other attendees at the event to the booth or booth equipment howsoever caused, with the sole exclusion of KreAdiv Collective, LLC staff. In the event of any damages caused by those present to property or equipment in use by KreAdiv Collective, LLC, you will be charged the full replacement cost and are liable to the cost involved in the termination of future events due to sourcing replacements.
Any damages must be reported to a member of KreAdiv Collective, LLC staff immediately. 


Coronavirus/COVID-19 Wavier of Liability Contract
The client agrees to sign the waiver of liability form following this contract.


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