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We are experienced booth professionals who are customer focused that have worked with national brands. We aim to make the customer experience go as smoothly as possible while providing the best WOW factor for you and your guests. Our modern HI-TECH photo booths provide stunning image quality, quality photo prints, interactive features and fun props to make your next event a memorable one.

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Shontel J.

Thank you for making my daughter's Sweet 16 a memorable occasion! The photo booth was a huge success, and the... read more

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Booking with iLLUMO Photo Booths was one of the best decisions I made for my husband and his brother 65th... read more

Courtney G.

We had an amazing experience using this company for a back to school event. The level of professionalism and organization... read more

Courtney G.

We had an amazing experience using this company for a back to school event. The level of professionalism and organization... read more


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Rent A Photo Booth In 20055

If you’ve been considering a photo booth rental for your next corporate event, you should know that these attractions have become quite popular over the last few years. It’s likely that your guests will enjoy being able to take casual, fun photos of themselves and their friends throughout the evening.

There are several benefits to renting a photo booth for your company event, including:

Icebreakers and Networking Opportunities
At larger company parties, it’s fairly common that not all of the attendees already know one another. A photo booth rental makes a fun ice breaker, as individuals who are waiting in line can strike up a conversation and get to know their colleagues. This type of networking can go quite a long ways towards bringing individual members of the company together and be great for team building. If your goal is an event where your employees wind up talking to one another, socializing, and overall having a good time, a photo booth is a great step in that direction.

Perfect for Corporate Events, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 15 & 16 Year Old Parties

Good Entertainment for Larger Events
With large events like holiday parties and conferences, it can be difficult to keep all attendees entertained during lulls or breaks. A photo booth is a good way to break up the time, allowing everyone to stay entertained even if the evening slows down from time to time. If there isn’t a carefully planned out agenda to stick to, or if the timeline is altered for some reason, this type of distraction can come in quite handy.

Easy Corporate Souvenirs
It can be difficult to come up with creative corporate souvenirs that everyone will be happy with. However, photo booths help solve this issue by essentially allowing each event attendee to create their own souvenir of their special evening. This means that they can let their personality shine through, and that you don’t have to stress about making things work out well for individual employees. You can instead focus on an option that suits your employees as a group.

Great Marketing with Low Effort
Photo booths typically allow you to print a message on the photo if you’d like, such as the name of your company and the date. The images that the booth generates are typically printable for your guests to take home, but also available as digital images immediately for them to share on social media. This means that, depending on the message that you choose, each employee is doing a small amount of marketing for your company just by sharing the fact that they’re having a nice day or night out at the company event. This easy marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business, without needing to spend additional money on marketing materials or online ads.

If you’re looking for an easy promotional method that your employees can also enjoy, renting a photo booth is likely a great option. Contact a local company today to learn more about renting a booth for your next corporate event, so that you can enjoy these benefits in 20055. More info here:

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