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Our company specializes in creating personalized interactive photo and video experiences for corporate events. Since 2018, we have successfully collaborated with various companies to provide unique experiences for events such as award ceremonies, seminars, conferences, trade shows, staff appreciation events, conventions, company milestone events, annual meetings, and incentive trips.

Whether you’re planning a conference, launching a new product or service, or looking to increase brand engagement, we have the expertise to help you achieve your objectives. We have worked with numerous brands to host virtual online events, festivals, event sponsorships, conferences, product launches, and movie premieres.



We offer the ability to create micro-sites customized to your brand’s unique look and feel. This allows for a personalized experience for your users. By moving your event experience to the web, guests can collect photos, share feedback, and discover marketing content such as contests, promotions, and upcoming events. Our service enables your brand to share photos, gather data, and communicate messaging that can influence consumer behavior.

Data Capture

Keep track of the number of individuals who have taken pictures and utilize this data for running competitions. It is effortless to download email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles in an Excel spreadsheet. Furthermore, we give our customers the capability to receive a secure link that grants them full access to all the event analytics.

If you desire to gather specific data, our custom data form builder permits you to personalize the information you collect from your visitors.


Are you interested in enhancing your brand’s visibility at events? Look no further. Our customizable booths and enclosures can be tailored to match your corporate or brand logo and theme.

Provide us with your color scheme and brand logo, and we’ll create a bespoke branding experience that includes custom-wrapped photo booth units, personalized logo banners, and vibrant photo strips that perfectly align with your brand. Let us help you make a lasting impression at your next event.


You can share your photos easily through our platform. Guests can share their photos via text message by entering their phone number. Our email templates allow you to customize your event’s look and feel and send beautiful emails to each guest in seconds.

You also have the option to post your photos to a Facebook album or page of your choice, offline Twitter sharing, and sending Instagram-ready MP4s via email.






Booths and Beyond

The Red Card Experience

Our company specializes in creating a luxurious experience for guests at events. We offer a wide range of high-quality items such as red carpets, velvet ropes, stanchions, professional lighting, and skilled photographers. Our team has extensive experience working with large and high-profile events, ensuring that attendees are captured on the red carpet in a timely manner before the start of the event. We have a team of trained IT professionals who use the latest technology to provide a seamless experience and can handle any crowd size.

On-site Printing

Our network of printers can produce up to 300 photographs per hour per printer on-site. Although, we understand that events typically have varying demands, so we have the ability to adjust the number of printers and operators accordingly. Our past events have shown that a single printer can print between 200-300 photos, but if you require more prints in a shorter amount of time, we can easily accommodate.

Our prints are of exceptional quality, as we use Dye-sublimation printers that are comparable to those found in local print shops. Our most popular print size for on-site event printing is 4 x 6 inches, which takes less than 10 seconds to print. We also offer 5 x 7, 8 x 6, and 13 x 19 prints, and can even personalize them with branding options to suit your needs.




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